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What is a surfskate and why are so many people doing it now?

The majority of you are already familiar with the differences between a longboard, a skateboard, and a cruiser board. Do you, however, know what a surfskate is? Well, in this blog you’ll find out all you need to know about this amazing invention.

What’s the difference between Skateboards, Longboards, and Surfskates?

Skateboards are for tricks. Longboards are for cruising, downhill racing, or freeriding. Surfskates are for surfing the street.


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A skateboard's principal function is to execute tricks. Skateboards are substantially shorter than longboards and have smaller wheels than surfskates.

Skateboard trucks, on the other hand, only allow for one dimension of movement: back and forth on the kingpin access. In comparison to surfskate trucks, they have a much less range of motion.

Regular skateboards are also suited for cruising because maintaining motion requires regular pushing with your foot.


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Longboards are typically longer, have larger wheels, and have trucks that give a wider range of motion than skateboards.

Longboards are often built for one of three riding styles: cruising, downhill racing or freeriding (performing tricks and dancing).

Most longboards, in comparison to surfskates, are primarily designed for cruising and speed. They can only carve on flat places in wider arcs since they lack the special front truck that surfskates have. They don't make you feel like you're surfing.


Credit: Karin "Nick" Manunapichu

The unique surfskate truck mechanism distinguishes surfskates from skateboards and longboards.

Traditional longboard trucks are given a new level of motion by surfskate trucks. They allow the front truck to swivel from side to side, giving riders a wider range of motion and a more authentic surfing experience.

The surfskate truck system on a surfskate makes it possible to make tight, sharp, and smooth turns that can't be replicated on a skateboard or longboard.

When you surfskate, you don't have to push the ground with your foot as you do on a skateboard or longboard. In addition to giving you tighter carving, they also allow you to propel the board by pumping the nose side to side.

Credit: Sunova Surfskate

Why choose Surf Skating?

Surfskating isn't the same as longboarding or skateboarding. It belongs to a specific category and has a distinct personality. If you enjoy surfing, you'll appreciate how a surfskate replicates the feeling of surfing on land. In fact, for surf training, you'll probably want to utilize a surfskate.

Surfskating is an entirely different feel and manner of riding from skateboarding or longboarding. You have to see it for yourself to believe it.

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Who is Surf Skates for?

As the name implies, surfskates are usually used by surfers who can’t get their daily training done during the flat days. Especially in places like Singapore, we have hardly any waves to surf on. This is where the surfskates come into play, where it allows people who don’t have access to waves to actually experience the feeling of surfing.

Adventure seekers and skaters, here’s a new liberating way to skate. A quick tip here that would definitely entice some of you: it also burns a bulk of calories and you’ll definitely be feeling the burn after each session.

Credit: Single Quiver

How do I get started?

The only thing you need before you can start on your surf skating journey is… Your Very Own Wheels!

So how do you choose your Surf Skate?

Is Surf Skate safe for all ages?

The first and primary advantage of a surfskate over a standard skate is the measurement. For youngsters and young people who are new to skating, a larger skate provides better stability.

Pumping does not require descents or ramps to learn; all you need is a square to have fun.

Of course, the surfskate is also an excellent surf training tool for them: on a surfskate, the kids learn to take off with surprising speed, and they improve their posture, skill, and balance.

Are you interested?

Should we hold a surf skating event soon?

Let us know if you would be interested, by clicking the link below:

Paraphrased by: Darren Koong

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