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MOA 7th Anniversary Celebration FB Live

We at Ministry of Adventure (MOA) celebrates our anniversary every year, as is our tradition to celebrate with our community to mark this special occasion.

Gone were the days when we celebrated by having our huge BBQ gathering along with our community members. However, due to the pandemic restrictions, we had to celebrate this year’s special occasion in front of the screen as a Livestream event. During this 7th Anniversary, we did an Anniversary Celebration in a hybrid live streaming setting on Facebook and Instagram operated by our in-house media team.

Our theme this year was New World, New Me. This also commemorates how far we have adapted and overcome the pandemic with most of us vaccinated and living our lives with masks and all the safety measures. With all these new 'Normal', we have adapted to a new set of behavior and shaped a new version of us to rise up to be stronger.

A quick breakdown of the Anniversary Celebration event, we started off with our fireside chat with our Founder, Evelyn Chew, announcement and updates, with impromptu lucky draws, and moved on to MOA Sotong Game (MOA version of Squid's Game!) and lastly, the Lucky Draw Prize Giveaways segment to our members.

During our Fireside chat with MOA’s Founder, Evelyn, and our host, Melvyn, they talked about MOA’s journey and answered some Q&A that the viewers typed through the LiveChat box. They were very engaging and connected well with the audience.

We were very thankful to our sponsors for supporting us with attractive deals and prizes to give back to our community.

After which, our Founder also shared some plans in the year of 2022 when we could travel again with all the VTLs opening as well as our upcoming activities (which, of course, abide by the COVID-19 regulations). Are you excited too?

Of course, we are giving priority to our paid members first. So quickly sign up as our members soon! (Our Founder said that our membership price will increase next year too). Don't miss the good deal now!.

We introduced everyone to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) /Charity events and welcomed anyone who would like to contribute and take part in community service events to give back to the society and nature.

The celebration continued on with our very own game of Sotong Game. We started off with a game of Green Light, Red Light and whoever crosses the line without getting caught moving, will be the winner! The losers unfortunately will then have to be punished. The punishment was to eat unknown items prepared by our game master and unfortunately, they were all terrible tasting!

We then played our second game, Tug Of War. Where we played as teams of 2 at first, but Kris was too strong and through large demand in our live chatbox, we played another round and had a 3v1 against Kris.

If you would like to see who won in the second round, click here:

After the spirited efforts of the team to complete the games and punishments, we moved on to the MOA Game show segment - Lucky Draw Prize Giveaways.

There were a series of questions related to MOA to be answered, and viewers could stand a chance to win a prize by sharing the video and answering the question correctly. We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors for supporting us: Karate Nation, Rigorer, Sunday Shades, Golf Performance 360, ScubaPeople, Marina Bay Golf Course, Ground Up Climbing, De Jun Muay Thai, Virar Physiotherapy, Ewave, Wanderlust Adventures, SgSwim Coach, Lumi, Monikai, Mosanco, SnackRight and Three’s a Crowd.

Our celebration ended off with a peek into the past events, where we reminisced the good memories that we have created together. It was a beautiful segment, showing the smiles and peals of laughter we get from each event.

With that, our 7th Anniversary celebrations came to an end. We would like to sincerely thank the community for constantly supporting us, and growing with us to where we are now.

We understand that during this period, many businesses are having a hard time promoting themselves. We are here to let you all know that we will be actively offering live-streaming services to facilitate people who would like to host their anniversary celebrations, product launch , or even award ceremonies.

If you know of anyone who would like to host events, product launches , or parties online, we are happy to help.

Let’s have another great year ahead!

If you would like to watch the recap, click down below:

Written by: Darren Koong

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