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Why Tennis is becoming everyone’s new favorite hobby? 🤔🎾

Tennis is a massively popular sport all around the world. Not only does the sport have millions of admirers worldwide, but millions of individuals play it on a weekly basis.

It is not uncommon to see a 10-year-old child playing on the same court as a 70-year-old, clearly a great sport that shows you can play at any age.

In fact, some might argue that tennis is the best sport to play for a lifetime.

Afraid you’d miss out because you don’t know how to play tennis?

Here’s how to improve your tennis game quickly

#1 Hold the racket lightly

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There is a major misconception about holding onto the racket tightly, so we can strike back with full force and score a point.

However, you should fight your instincts to do that. The only thing holding the racket tightly would bring you is blisters at the end of a game.

All you need to do is relax your grip, make sure you’re holding the racket really low down, so the bottom is almost in the middle sponge of your hand and lastly just swing the racket.

#2 Remember the C shape

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One of the most important parts of the game is how you serve the starting ball. In fact, with a good service, you can totally change the momentum of how that round would go.

Everyone serves differently but may choose to stick by the C shape serve as it is the easiest yet most effective way to achieve a good serve.

The C shape serve starts from the top and curves round as it approaches the ball. That gives you power and control behind your hit.

Remember, don't make a half C, go the whole way.

#3 Angle your feet

Photo credit: SITennis

Just like many other sports, footwork often plays an important part in being good at the sport. The same goes for tennis, simply changing how you stand can make all the difference to your game

If your feet are angled in the right way, you're far more likely to hit the ball exactly where you want it to go in the court.

Position your feet, so one foot is facing the direction you want it to go – this will usually be diagonal – and place the other one so that it is facing forward.

#4 Watch the ball

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Techniques are very important when it comes to being a good tennis player, but it comes down to the simplest activities, such as watching the ball, to be a good tennis player.

This one sounds obvious, but looking at the ball, rather than at the spot you hope it is going to go, is one of the best things you can do to perfect your serve or swing.

Look at where the ball bounces off from the strings of your racket. From the serve toss to a rally, don’t keep your eyes off the ball.

#5 Video yourself

Photo credit: 2MinuteTennis

Take a video of yourself playing a match or taking a shot, even with an untrained eye, amateurs will be able to instantly pick out several aspects of their play that they should modify or change.

Different aspects of their game like, standing in the wrong place or hitting too deep or too short.

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Paraphrased by: Darren Koong

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