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The Ultimate Motivation Hacks to keep you running without procrastination

Unmotivated? We understand...

I put on my running clothes, went to the bathroom, and slid my phone into my pocket on Wednesday. I had my clothes on and was ready to go.

"Annie, I'd rather not," I murmured as I sat on my bed, looking at my puppy.

I'm not in the mood to work right now. My goal race is more than two months away, the weather in Singapore has been less than perfect, and all I see ahead of me are miles to be covered on roads I've run on for most of my adult life.

There are things you can do if you're stuck in a running rut, whether your objective is to break out of it right away or just pass the miles until the weather improves or the big event feels within reach.

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Make Certain You Aren't Injured

You may chuckle, but we've had calls from folks who are unable to run due to stabbing pain and want us to advise them on how to make jogging fun again (see a doctor). VISIT A DOCTOR (the answer is always to consult a physician). We're used to this sport is a little unsettling. If pain is keeping you from getting out the door, it's the pain, not the lack of running, that's the issue.

Check to see if it's a persistent problem.

Because life may be a slog at times. Family stress, work stress, too much travel, and insufficient sleep can all sap the sparkle from your running. We did this kind of self-check when we crashed on a long run a few weeks ago. None of these seemed to be the case. But, even though our weekly miles had increased, the Hack's had not increased the amount of food we were consuming. (See Gretchen Reynolds' story on a recent study and my book, How to Feed a Runner, for more on the link between exercise and metabolism.)

Differentiate yourself.

If you find yourself running the same route over and over, try a new route – or do the same route in the other way. Do you want to go for a morning run? Consider running at night (properly lit up, please). We applaud anyone who can run for more than 20 minutes on a treadmill because treadmills make us want to drill holes in our eyes. If you are bored, press the following buttons: Increase the gradient or incorporate a few sprints at a faster pace. Alternatively, you may watch something different. When you run on a treadmill more frequently, you can easily find yourself parked in front of whatever show was on TV at the moment - “Just for Laughs: Gags” or “Kin” depending on the time of day. It was beneficial.

Credit: Andrew Tanglao

Errands to run

It's not just about running when you have a destination in mind; it's about crossing something off your to-do list. You may dash to your post office box, drop off/pick up books at a National Library, or leave something for your mother in her doorway... You can also pick up a piece of jewelry that has been inscribed on occasion.

Credit: Robert Calderon

Run With Friends

Our acquaintance expressed her dissatisfaction with her lack of motivation, so we agreed to run together once a week. Our easy training pace is nearly the same, even though she is considerably (much) quicker than me in races. We speak about everything, and our hour run is over before we know it. I even showed her how much fun it is to run to the National Library. Running with someone else can take your mind off a task that, for both of us, is currently uninteresting. Whether you don't have a running buddy who can keep up with your pace and schedule, inquire if your local running store offers a group run. When visiting an unfamiliar location, you can join a group run.

Credit: Sam Manns

Take care of yourself.

Running does not necessitate a large amount of equipment. A new piece of equipment, on the other hand, falls into the same category as "do something different." It also doesn't have to be a high-priced item. It could be anything as simple as a new hat or headband, or matching nail polish to your running shoes. Running retailers are either starting to clear out winter gear in preparation for spring and summer running, or are pushing the remainder of last year's stock out the door, making now a good time to seek UK bargains. This is how we got two pairs of running shorts for $15 each.

Planning vacation runs can provide an occasion to revisit Disney World's "jogging" page, which has a photo of joggers wearing apparel that is so outdated that it is no longer available.

Paraphrased: Darren Koong

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