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MOA 6th Anniversary Livestreaming

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

As per our tradition, we at Ministry of Adventure (MOA) celebrate our anniversary annually without fail. Not even that unusual, pandemic year of 2020 can stop us. So here we are, bringing to you, a throwback blog on our 6th anniversary celebrations to relive that joyful day!

Due to the COVID19 restrictions, we were unable to hold our usual large-scale gathering. (Remember those days?) Hence, we decided to make use of technology and media solutions to make up for the lack of a physical presence. We turned to live-streaming on Facebook, and utilized the audio-visual equipment managed by our in-house media team. With everything ready, we celebrated our 6th anniversary together with our community

The celebrations started off with our MOA story. Our MOA story spoke of how our founder, Evelyn, decided to create MOA. The skit started off with Evelyn facing an obstacle in pursuing her interest, followed by the initial creation of Passion.Courage.Fun (PCF). While PCF started to grow, more obstacles found their way in the path of PCF’s success. Eventually, Evelyn managed to overcome these obstacles, and started Ministry of Adventure (MOA). The skit also brought everyone through the ups and downs MOA experienced thus far, including the resignation of staff and an aid of ten thousand dollars, before ending off with the recent activities of MOA, including sports.

A fireside chat with Evelyn followed afterwards, with her answering the various questions our community had. There were some announcements made too, such as encouraging contributions for MOA’s CSR programme in the form of encouragement for the special needs children, as well as encouraging participation in Paddle N’ Klean - an event partnered with Passion WaVe to clean up the waters while kayaking. After which, updates on our upcoming activities were given (which of course, abide by the COVID19 regulations). We also revealed something that we've been planning for some time too! That is… The limited edition MOA masks and caps!

The celebrations continued on with dares undertaken by the team. It started with Kris, our Media Specialist, playing the "Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down'' game. Cheyenne, our marketing intern, was next, pulling off a TikTok dance with the rest of the team. Melvyn, our co-host that day took up his dare after her, planking for a minute. The dares segment ended off with Evelyn dancing without music for 30seconds (and her initially protesting, "I CANNOT DANCE!!").

After the valiant efforts of the team to complete their challenges, we moved on to the MOA Gameshow segment with prize giveaways. There was a series of questions to be answered, and participants amongst the viewers could stand a chance to win a prize by sharing the video and answering the question correctly. We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors for supporting us as well: Sunday Shades, Mosanco, Revive Natural Science, Ground Up Climbing Gym, Precious Wellness and BEtime Marketing.

Our celebration ended off with a peek into what goes on behind-the-scenes - the bloopers, the directors in action, and the softer, funnier side of the team. It was a beautiful segment, showing viewers what they do not usually see, as well as showing those who are often behind the camera.

With that, our 6th Anniversary celebrations came to an end. We would like to sincerely thank the community for consistently supporting us, and growing with us to where we are now.

Since things will not be fully back to pre-COVID days for quite some time, we are actively offering live-streaming services to facilitate people who would like to host their anniversary celebrations, weddings, or even birthday parties. This is especially so as there are regulations that limit the maximum number of people allowed at an event or location at any point of time.

If you know of anyone who would like to host events, weddings or parties online, we are happy to help.

Let's start the year with a bang by helping each other this January!

Written by: Woan Ching

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