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Exercising during SG Circuit Breaker Mode? What should you observe?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Hello Adventurers!

It has been almost a week since the implementation of the circuit breaker in Singapore! We hope YOU adventurers out there are still SANE from this CB Mode (Circuit breaker mode) because we are all doing literally everything at home including eating, sleeping, working, meetings and managing your “Social” life (from your phone of course!)

Here at Ministry of Adventure (M.O.A), even our founder Evelyn Chew and the team have found it uneasy to be trapped in a Work from Home (WFH) environment or rather “Stay at Home” implementation. But Heng (lucky) our government still very "Seng Mok" (aware of things) and kind enough to encourage us to still keep exercising (SEE MANDATORY GUIDELINES Below), or else by the end of circuit breaker we will either be MAD or the weight loss companies will be blooming with new sign-ups!

As of the week itself, our Singapore government have announced that social gathering of any size in homes or public spaces are now BANNED!!


Yes, It as how you have read it, ALL social activities, events or gathering be it private or public is all BANNED! You are not even allowed to exercise in groups or go to the gym/playground/ fitness corner /fitness studio/swimming pool or stadiums anymore!

There is even a legitimate law under the Infection Diseases Act - COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020 that is in place, and if you do not abide the rules, the first-time offenders can be fined up to $10,000, jailed for up to six months or given both punishments. For second or subsequent offences, the penalty is a fine of up to $20,000 or jail of up to 12 months, or both.

But what if I stay in a private condo and have my own facilities you might ask?

Sorry arh! I know we are all trying to be the smart guy trying to hack the system, right? Sorry to disappoint but the government is one step ahead! All swimming pools / gym / and recreational facilities in the condominium, country clubs, and even hotels will be shut down and closed.


Don’t panic guys, these are just serious implementations made by our government so that we can clear out this Virus fast! (That is if everyone does their part)

You can still do your exercises and M.O.A understand and agree that one should still keep fit and healthy despite everything that is going on. Hence, we have done up a summary of the important pointers to note so that you don't get the penalties and yet keep fit and exercise.

Mandatory Guidelines to FOLLOW! (Must arh!)

The idea is to avoid crowded places and not to contribute to the numbers to become a crowd. So if you follow this set of guidelines, we are very certain the government will not make it hard for us and extend the Circuit Breaker Measures or make matters even serious!

  • You can still exercise and take a walk/run around your neighbourhood but please do it ALONE and or with people who LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD as you (and yes that includes your pets. Try not to cluster together even if you see your friend or neighbour, not trying to be anti-social but we think everyone till today should be aware of the situation and should be understanding of the mandatory guidelines yes? If not, please share this blog post with them!

  • Do not travel out of your neighbourhood just to exercise (we know that there is a dip in petrol prices recently, ..... but please maintain ya!) Stay within your area and avoid crowded places and check if the designated areas/parks ( via this link: ) if they are too crowded before you head over there to exercise, Please don't stress and add pressure to the poor enforcers who are task to crowd control. Or else the government will employ even stricter rules and fines.

  • If you are exercising, be sure to keep a safety exercising distance (at least 10m between strangers or another human being, do not run behind a stranger in a straight line… why? Because we want to avoid this effect called “Slip-Stream”. As we all know that the Coronavirus spreads through droplets from the human body, hence when someone breathes, sneezes or coughs during a run, those particles stay behind in the air. The person running behind you in the so-called slip-stream goes through this cloud of droplets and of course the obvious will happen and the virus will then be transmitted to the person in the slip-stream.

  • Turn on your “Trace Together” App on your phone when you are out exercising so that contact tracing would be easier and not such a pain for everyone! Should there be a COVID-19 case that you have close proximity contact with, the authority can immediately contact you and prevent any unnecessary transmission to your friends and family!

We do understand that one whole month of Circuit Breaker mode is really painful to everyone, but at this point in time, if we work together and do our part, we are very sure that the COVID-19 Virus will slowly fade away and our usual adventurous lifestyle can be brought back! Team M.O.A can't wait to travel and organise exciting activities with you again! This time with even bigger rewards and exciting packages for everyone!

If you have any questions about exercises and upcoming activities and rewards, please head over to our FB post @Ministry of Adventure to enquire with our friendly staff who will be ready to assist!

Stay Safe and Keep Fit everyone! Follow us on our Facebook @ministryofadventure and Instagram @moaventurer for more updates!

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