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7 Best Foldable Bicycles in Singapore That You Can Bring It Anywhere While Saving Space At Home

1. Brompton M6L – Most compact with high customisation

A Tempest Blue Brompton with extras like a front pannier bag for storage and a carrying handle for convenience.

Brompton bicycles are stainless steel bicycles made in the United Kingdom that are known for their high quality. Bromptons are nearly synonymous with folding bikes, and they're among the most compact foldable bicycles thanks to a unique folding mechanism. These bicycles are easy to fold and transport, making them ideal for both lengthy commutes and fast trips to the cafe.

They may also be customized in terms of parts, accessories, and colors, but you can start with the Brompton M6L, which is one of their most popular models in Singapore. It has fenders for wet weather, as well as comfortable upright handlebars and six gear ratios to deal with a variety of inclines.

Brompton bicycles are small enough to fit beneath cafe tables, and several owners have taken them abroad by stowing them in airplane overhead bins.

Image credit: @brompton_sg

Pro tip: Brompton bikes are extremely popular and are now on backorder until 2022; however, rival companies like as 3sixty and Pikes offer similar designs at far reduced pricing.

Price: $2,580 - $3580

Gears: 6-speed

Weight: 11.78KG

Folded dimensions: 58.5 x 56.5 x 27.0cm

2. Tern Link D8 – Adjustable for different heights and 10-second folding

Image credit: @piki_photo

It's critical to get the right fit for your bicycle for comfort and safety, especially on extended journeys. Although most bicycles allow you to modify the saddle height, the Tern Link D8 allows you to fine-tune the position of the handlebars. This allows you to choose between a more comfortable and upright position for extended rides and a lower, more aerodynamic position for going faster.

The bike folds down in 10 seconds with three simple steps and is held together securely by magnets to be taken about for handy storage and transportation. The bike also includes clever features like puncture-resistant Kevlar tyres and compatibility with racks and fenders to improve its dependability and utility.

Image credit: @ternlisboa

Price: $1,050-$2050

Gears: 8-speed

Weight: 12.1KG

Folded dimensions: 79 × 72 x 38 cm

3. Bolt Classic Foldable Bike – Free doorstep delivery & 7-day return

Image credit: Bolt

Foldable bikes offer a lot of convenience, from their folding mechanism to their lightweight bodies, but they may be fairly complicated. Bolt offers a 10-year warranty on damage to your bike frame to protect you against the unlikely crack or bend, so you'll be covered if your folding mechanism gets stuck.

The Bolt Classic Foldable Bike is a technologically advanced bike with an ergonomic frame and a sleek appearance. While it is one of the most economical bikes on this list, it features disc brakes for added safety and larger 20-inch wheels for a comfortable ride for the average cyclist.

Image credits: Bolt

As a key feature of any foldable bike, the Bolt Classic collapses small enough to take on the train or fit in your car boot. It also compacts quickly and easily within six seconds so you won’t catch weird looks as you stand at the entrance of the MRT station struggling to get things into place.

As a bonus, you can get your Bolt bicycle delivered to your doorstep for free, along with a 7-day return on your purchase, no questions asked. That way, you’ll get to enjoy tons of freedom right out the gate, hassle-free.

Price: $349-$449 Gears: 7-speed Weight: 14.8kg Folded dimensions: 83 x 33 x 62CM

4. Dahon K3 – Lightweight at only 8.1KG

Image credit: @witzard_1979

Zipping down gorgeous bicycle routes can be very liberating, but you'll have to dismount at some point to carry your bike over obstacles like kerbs and steps. Even if you don't have to deal with flights of stairs on a regular basis, a lightweight bike may make little annoyances like folding and unfolding considerably easier.

The Dahon K3 is one of the lightest folding bicycles on the market, weighing only 8.1KG. While most bikes have 20-inch wheels and weigh more than 10 kg, this charming device has 14-inch wheels that allow it to fold into a small package. Smaller wheels make for a bumpier ride, but the bike can reach speeds of up to 35 kilometers per hour on flat ground.

When folded, the Dahon K3 is slightly larger than the Brompton, but it only weighs a quarter of the weight - and costs significantly less.

Image credit: @mue.mue58

Price: $799-$899 Gears: 3-speed Weight: 8.1KG Folded dimensions: 64 x 63 x 29 cm

5. Decathlon BTwin Tilt 500 20” – Affordable with accessory options

A BTwin Tilt 500 with a bottle cage, rear lights, luggage, and handlebar bag.

Image credit: @angelotorino81

Decathlon is a paradise for aspiring athletes, and they've teamed up with Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer BTwin to bring their inexpensive rides to our shores. The BTwin Tilt 500 is a budget-friendly alternative that comes with seven gear ratios to handle various slopes and terrain.

The BTwin Tilt series offers compatibility with Decathlon's jaw-dropping assortment of bike accessories, despite its other features being quite standard. You can also alter the Tilt 500 to carry more cargo with a fabric front basket ($15), rear pannier rack ($40), and a pair of 15L bags ($30) for more environmentally friendly supermarket excursions.

Price: $360-$460

Gears: 7-speed

Weight: 13KG

Folded dimensions: 78 x 66 x 38cm

6. Birdy Touringplus 24SP – Best for hilly terrain and rough surfaces

Image credit: Mighty Velo

Birdy bikes, with their high-tech engineering and robust appearance, might very well be the Land Rover of folding bicycles. The Birdy Touringplus 24SP is one of the more expensive options on this list, but it's engineered for comfort, with front and rear suspension and large tyres to roll right over rugged and rocky terrain.

The Birdy Touringplus 24SP is ideal for the occasional off-road excursion, since it has a massive 24 gear speeds, allowing you to effortlessly ride through steep and bumpy road surfaces.

Image credit: @birdybicycle

Price: $2,950-$3950 Gears: 24-speed Weight: 11.8KG Folded dimensions: 72 x 60 x 33CM

7. Tyrell FX – Fast road bike with speeds of up to 40KM/H

Image credit: Tyrell

The Tyrell FX is a foldable bicycle that can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, which is comparable to full-sized race bicycles. It may be the most expensive bike on the list, but it's loaded with top-of-the-line components and lightweight carbon parts to allow you compete with full-size racing bikes while folding tiny enough to take on the MRT.

Drop handlebars, just like on a traditional road bike, put you in a lower, more aerodynamic posture. The frame's unique design makes it exceptionally stiff, allowing your energy to be efficiently transferred through the pedals and gears for increased speed.

Price: $3,900-$4900

Gears: 18-speed

Weight: 9KG

Folded dimensions: 87 x 79 x 35CM

Credit: smart local

Paraphrased by: Darren Koong

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