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30 Travel Hacks That Make You A Better Traveller (Part 3)

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

A quick summary from the Travel Hacks (Part 2) we posted last week.

Tip 11: Bring your travel-sized disinfectant spray

Tip 12: Face mask and zip lock bags

Tip 13: Be sure to wipe down high-touch areas

Tip 14: Keep a pen in every bag / pocket

Tip 15: Physical Distancing

Tip 16: Mark your baggage as fragile so that your baggage won’t be damaged and you get them back faster

Tip 17: Wear compression socks to make your flights more bearable

Tip 18: Stormy flight? Find seats before the wing section

Tip 19: Pick the outdoor seats of the restaurant

Tip 20: Find WIFI password on Foursquare

This week, we would like to share you the last 10 Tips. Are you ready?

Tip 21: Only unpack what you really need

If you’re backpacking your way across the universe, then it’s likely you won’t be staying in one place for too long. To save on packing time, only take out what you’ll definitely need in each hostel. This will leave you free for a quick and easy escape when you’re next on the verge of missing that bus.

Tip 22: Keep a stash of snacks on you

“Eating out is one of the quickest ways to drain your travel funds,” Kristin Luna, journalist and travel blogger, told Insider. “And while I’m never one to miss a meal – and I’ll be honest, I travel to eat – I always keep a stash of RxBars on me, which fills me up until the next meal. I’ll eat one for breakfast, then hold out until 11 a.m. or so for brunch, then just need to buy two meals for the day instead of one.”

Tip 23: Use ATMs/cash machines to get local currency

In this day and age it is best to use these automated bad boys to get hold of the national currency, rather than local the currency exchange/bureau de change. Money converters usually have their own fees and rip-off exchange rates, very likely to be far worse than your bank.

Tip 24: Buy a dummy wallet to confuse pickpockets

Get yourself a dummy wallet to trick those dishonest types, making sure it contains a suitably offensive note and a very, very grim and disturbing picture of your choosing. Then hide your real wallet somewhere cunning and close to your person, like in an ankle holster or within the crack of your bum…

Tip 25: Don’t put all your cash in one basket

If the above trick don't help, you need to be able to have a contingency plan to survive for that few hours before you get some help. Split your cash into different wallets or location so that even if you are robbed. You have another pile of cash for your to use for essential needs. Won’t hurt to be a little more prepared!

Tip 26: Secret cash so that you can travel light

Sometimes during our vacation, we are faced with situation where you are required to deposit your bags and cash in order for your to carry on with the activity ( flying fox, themed park etc) However, if you don't feel safe walking around without any cash. You can try out emptying your chapstick, nasal inhales, or lipsticks and stashing some secret cash in them! Be sure to empty them out first for obvious reasons!

Tip 27: Predict the sunset like a survivalist

Out on a hike? A little lost? Need to know how much sunlight you’ve got left? Well, this neat little trick can help you work out how much time you have until the wolves come-a-sniffing. Simply count the finger-width between the sun and the horizon and work it out from there – each finger represents 15 minutes.

Tip 28: Know at least top ten pop songs and learn more irritating pop songs

Music is the universal language no matter where you are travelling to! Getting yourself equipped with a few universal pop songs or best if you can even play on a few instruments with will ensure that you will be able to blend in easily and communicate in any parts of the world. You don’t really have to carry an instrument or guitar around like a homeless hipster, but ensure that you have at least the top ten songs that is on the billboards!

Tip 29: No Bottle opener? Check the back of your door!

Most hotels door have a door closer as seen below, and other than the backswing function. These mechanism is also useful during the times when you want to have a beer without a bottle opener!

Tip 30: Give your change to the homeless

And finally, make the last deed a good deed. Before leaving a country, donate all your remaining change to the homeless.

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