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30 Travel Hacks That Make You A Better Traveller (Part 2)

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

A quick summary from the Travel Hacks (Part 1) we posted last week.

Tip 1: Email and scan your own passport for an electronic copy

Tip 2: Get yourself a Multi-currency Travel wallet card or Application

Tip 3: Use Google Maps Offline

Tip 4: Download Google Translate For Use Offline

Tip 5: Look for flights on a private browser tab

Tip 6: Book a last-minute cruise for a surprisingly cheap vacation

Tip 7: Morning Flights have less turbulence

Tip 8: Bring a power strip or extension cable

Tip 9: Bring Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitiser

Tip 10: Keep your Power banks or Portable chargers with you!

This week, we would like to share you another 10 Tips. Are you ready?

Tip 11: Bring your travel-sized disinfectant spray

Packed a small bottle of disinfecting spray every time you traveled before and will double down on that when traveling after the COVID-19 pandemic eases. A spray bottle will allow you to better wet a surface, such as an airplane tray table. Remember to read the instructions to know how long it should remain on the surface until you wipe off the dampness for best disinfecting.

Tip 12: Face mask and zip lock bags

Yes, these days a face mask will be required in many places, from airports, to restaurant common areas, to hotel lobbies or museums.

Zip lock bags comes in handy for you to keep your mask or when you need to handle an ID or credit card – such as in a store, restaurant, or airport – just open it up and tell them to toss it in. Then you don’t have to touch it until you have a wipe handy or the item can be placed “in quarantine” for a day r two. In a dire circumstance, you could even use a zipper bag for a glove.

Tip 13: Be sure to wipe down high-touch areas

Despite promises of extra cleaning for rooms, you will want to deploy your own wipes and spray upon arrival to wipe down the high touch areas include:




-Cabinet handles

-Telephone and keypads

-Coffee machines — if they exist!

Tip 14: Keep a pen in every bag / pocket

Not the most unconventional, but I promise this will save your life. You never know when you need a pen, so have one handy in all your purses/daybags, backpacks, luggage cases, etc. so you’re not scrambling when everyone else is filling out their Customs sheets.

Tip 15: Physical Distancing

Distancing is always the safest – and may be required at lodgings and of course restaurants. In addition, indoor spaces are where germs will remain on surfaces or in the air for longer. You should consider refraining from just hanging out in hotel lobbies and common areas.

Tip 16: Mark your baggage as fragile so that your baggage won’t be damaged and you get them back faster

We have verified this procedure with our friends who are working at the logistics department at the airport. Not only does this mean your bag is more likely to be handled correctly, but it’ll also find itself at the top of pile in the storage compartment of the plane. The result? Why, you’ll get your bag back first, of course. Jackpot.

Tip 17: Wear compression socks to make your flights more bearable

Compression socks = less swelling and better circulation!

Need we say more? Frequent travellers will know that air travels especially the long hauls will cause some discomfort in those shoes! Try wearing compression socks to prevent your feet from swelling up. Or go barefoot!

Tip 18: Stormy flight? Find seats before the wing section

If you have a stormy flight inbound, pick seats near the front, Turbulence is felt most in the back of the plane, and least over the wings, plus the air is fresher and cooler up front! It is no wonder the First and Business class passengers are all up in front!

Tip 19: Pick the outdoor seats of the restaurant

You will have to decide what your level of comfort is whether you dine inside, take a seat outside, or resort to take-out when you are traveling.

Since COVID-19 droplets in the air don’t chase you around or swarm like gnats, the longer you are in an indoor space, the more you may be at risk. Many restaurants are looking at expanding outdoor seating, with some cities closing streets or parking area to create larger, more distanced seating, or are allowing seating on sidewalks.

Tip 20: Find WIFI password on Foursquare

Foursquare is a website/app where people share tips, ratings and reviews on places to go near you (e.g. restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.) The handiest part of this website is the “Tips” section where people can leave helpful recommendations for others, and it’s often here that you’ll find the WiFi password for places. So, if you need WiFi in a pinch, you can easily hop on Foursquare and sleuth around for WiFi passwords.

To Be Continue...

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