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10 Questions With Singapore Basketball National Athlete, John Ng

Singaporean Basketball National Athlete John Ng started picking up basketball at the age of 10. Being talented at a young age, John joined the Home United team at the age of 14. He is now playing as a point forward of Singapore men’s national team and with the Singapore Slingers. He has been the hero that basketball fans can count on in tough moments.

We have invited John Ng to our MOA Sports Night 2 Livestreaming show in June to interview him and let the audience to get to know him better

John Ng was featured in MOA Sport Night 2 live streaming show to share his story

Read on to find out more about John, who stands at 1.91 metres tall and his inspiring story as a basketball national player.

1. How did you start your basketball journey?

I started playing basketball with my neighbours. Those were the days we roamed around in the vicinity of our area and joined the rest of the kids there to play basketball. When I entered my secondary school, I decided to join a basketball team. That was also my first time joining organized basketball practices and training. After that journey in school, I joined an outside basketball club called Home United. From there on, I was selected to be in the under 18 National Youth Squad. After that, I got promoted to the national men's team. 2. How has basketball influenced your life?

Basketball incorporates a lot of important values to me. I learn discipline, resilience and teamwork. At the end of the day, basketball is a team sport, you need to work together as a unit in order to achieve success.

3. Have you had conflicts with your team before?

Yeah, for sure. If you all are working together as a unit, there will be miscommunication and conflict. But as long as everybody talks things out, no hiding of feelings and being truthful and putting everything on the table, I think that should be fine.

4. How was your experience in the Southeast Asia Games (SEA Games) two years ago?

I was with the training squad, but the memorable one was the SEA Games in 2017 because it was the year when I I learnt the most and had a chance in achieving a podium finish. We almost won a medal in the SEA Games 2017. Unfortunately, we achieved fourth place. But it was not a bad result.

5. Are you prepared for the upcoming SEA Games this year then?

Yes, we are currently in preparation for the SEA Games in Vietnam this year and the Asean Basketball League (ABL).

John represented Singapore Slingers to compete in Stankovic Cup 2016 held in Thailand

6. What's the ultimate goal? Would you see yourself competing in the NBA one day?

The NBA is far-fetched but it is possible. But my ultimate goal is to actually achieve a SEA Games medal as well as heading to the ABL finals.

7. So what’s your plan after your athlete journey?

My plan is to become a multisports coach because it's always my passion to influence kids in a positive way.

Our Founder, Evelyn learning to play basketball from John

8. What are the challenges you faced in this journey of pursuing your passion?

Time management. Back then, I had to manage both my studies and playing basketball. It was pretty tough to manage study as well as attending basketball practices after that and the routine subsequently followed on. It was because of that I also missed out on the social life to hang out with my friends.

9. What is your thought about Asian parents’ stopping their kids playing basketball but to focus on studies?

Yeah, I can relate to that because I had to juggle between study and basketball training. But, if you manage your time wisely, you make the sacrifices that are needed, I think all should be fine. In Singapore, academic results are still important and are the priority. But now, I think people can use sports as an edge to pursue the next level of their education.

John is currently the Ambassador of Rigorer SG.

10. Do you have any rituals before the basketball game?

I usually have a very heavy breakfast just to make sure that I don't eat too much before the game.

To find out more on the full sharing of John Ng and his basketball skills’ demonstration, you can watch our video live streaming show here:

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