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Corporate Social Responsibility Month

Mother Theresa once said, “Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Given how far the Ministry of Adventure (MOA) has come, it was definitely time for us to give back to society by engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Combining our passion for sports and helping those with a less advantaged background, we decided to hold a Charity Climb with Down Syndrome Association (DSA).

Just a little background story, during Pre-Covid, we were organizing many corporate team bonding events including CSR programmes for corporates. Since it is Phase 3 now, many companies still have concerns on organizing such events. We decided to organize our own CSR programme to continue adding values to the special needs.

We were compelled to bring sports closer to the special needs children from DSA. This is so as they have not been able to engage in sports like rock-climbing, especially due to a lack of funding for participating in these sports during tough times like these. At the same time, we also strongly believe that children who do sports are happier children. Thus, the Charity Climb event was held to support these children in building their confidence, allowing them to emerge stronger during this pandemic.

That day, we had four children from DSA join us, together with their parents. They participated in different activities, mainly warming-up, top-rope climbing, and bouldering. The smiles on their faces said it all as they immersed themselves in the various activities - they enjoyed the session tremendously.

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'It was a fulfilling experience to use our skills to bring joy to the children.', said Evelyn, Founder of MOA.

One of the belayers from MOA, Crim Sufyan, expressed that he enjoyed interacting with the children and overcoming the challenges that arose during the session. Although the children had special needs, he observed that they had their own goals and expectations, and were really motivated to accomplish them - all one needed to do was to draw it out from them. Looking to the future, Sufyan also wishes that there will be more involvement in sports alongside abled peers, as inclusivity would definitely promote growth and the opportunity to learn from one another.

As the event drew to a close, the children were presented with gifts from our sponsors: Mosanco, Sunday Shades and Precious Wellness, with Ground Up Climbing Gym sponsoring the venue. We would like to thank our sponsors from the bottom of our hearts; without them, this event would not have been made possible.

We look forward to engaging in more corporate social responsibility and seeing more smiles. Let us spread more love, especially for those who need it more, and increase the level of happiness in our society!


Written by: Woan Ching

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