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Enjoyed my time climbing with this bunch. A very friendly, supportive people with good, positive energy and good vibes all around!

- Filzah Aziz -

I was looking for like minded ppl to travel and hike and my wishes was a answered! MOA organizers do a awesome job with planing of events and making everyone feel welcome and taken cared of. I also got to meet wonderful people during the trips. If you fear of being left behind fear not with MOA team.. they take care of everyone and make sure everyone is safe. MOA team are not just organizers they also become our friends! That's the best thing about them !

- Rekha Kemburaju -

if you wanna make friends and meet fantastic people, this is the place! Full of energy and exciting activities to look forward to every week! Joined the guys for rockclimbing and wakeboarding. Definitely coming back.

- Tan Li Ming -

Obtained my climbing level 1, hiked the green corridor, gotten my kayaking 1 star, did my Advance Adventurer dive and, recently went on my first leisure Dive trip. All through MOA. This is one review that is 3 years over due. First met Evelyn when MOA was first known as Passion Courage Fun. Really glad to see how the group has expanded and grown to accommodate so many different activities. Overall: The staff at MOA are always quick to reply to enquires. I do recommend joining them for activities (even if the timing can be early and schedule packed, but hey! It's so as to help you save money).

- James Teng -