Sat 8th Dec 18, 9:00 am
2 days
Rock Climbing

Have you been climbing on top rope for a while and thinking of how you can improve from there?

Ready and confident to move on to the next level of sport climbing?

Take up our Certified Sport Climbing Level 2 course and enter the world of lead climbing! 

Challenge your physical and mental abilities by overcoming the fear of falling and not having an anchor to hold you at the top while climbing!

Master the art of multitasking by clipping and climbing at the same time with both your arms and legs getting the right holds!

Learn the proper technique of lead belaying such as dynamic belaying to ensure the safety and smoothness of the lead climbers!

Level up your climbing knowledge such as different types of ropes and topping out sequence!

Come join us and get level up! We have regular weekly climbing kakis @ Ground Up Climbing Gym to do lead climbing with you!

You know you can’t wait to get yourself certified with level 2!

Duration: 2 Days, 9am to 5pm
Cost: $150

Disclaimer: When you paid up for this event, it is understood that you have read, agreed and accepted the above terms and conditions

1. Your harness, ATC+carabiner, climbing shoes (if you have it)

2. Ankle length socks (If you are wearing the common climbing shoes)

3. preferably ¾ pants and any comfortable top for working out

4. Change of clothes (optional)

5. Water bottle (There will be water cooler nearby)

6. Your fun and adventurous spirit!