Transform Lives Through Adventure Sports

It was a fun-filled and memorable Saturday evening for the 60 adventurers who came to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Ministry of Adventure (MOA). The venue was at the void deck of 1037, Serangoon Road, one that was unassuming and simple yet just perfect for a potluck gathering. Everyone had brought their biodegradable cutleries in consistent with the organizer's commitment to eco-friendly activties and values. 

An outside spectator who did not even rock-climb nor hike that much, more so kayak or scuba-dive, sensed the contagious camaraderie among the attendees. There was something charming about their facial expressions and bodily gestures. They were sincere, genuine and profound. Clear was what stimulated the mood of the occasion. It was no doubt Evelyn Chew’s unquenched passion for bringing like-minded enthusiasts together. The young leader visibly is the force behind the group.

Evelyn, the CEO of MOA, established her company four years ago by accident. During her university days at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) her interest for adventure and love to enjoy the outdoors with people led her to the idea of organising a hiking event for the first time. Inviting schoolmates and other friends, 50 people accepted the invitation. She was awestruct by the turnout. However, that success was not only due to the number of participants but also from the appreciation she personally received. Evelyn was touched by the congratulations and heartfelt comments that changed the course of her life.

“Thank you for arranging this hiking trip. I now feel more confident to talk to people,” was one of those compliments that Evelyn still recalls and the very motivation to eventually venture into this enterprise. Four years fast-forward, Evelyn is still unwavering in pursuit of this purpose. What she perhaps has not realized is the inspiring persona that she evolved into, exuding a natural leadership charisma. This was so noticeable as she spoke to each and every partaker of amity emanating from her team’s handiwork.  


During the celebration, Evelyn and her team presented heart-warming videos that featured participants of the numerous outdoor events under MOA. The breath-taking Kota Kinabalu summit, the rugged mountains in Slovenia, the pristine waters of Tioman, challenging rock climbing sites, amazing waters fit for kayaking, and many more were shown to the ecstatic audience. Door prizes were raffled-off in appreciation of the participants’ support of MOA and attendance during this notable commemoration. The bests of the bests were fondly recognized to acknowledge a few members’ consistency and remarkable showing of passion in adventure sports. The pool-dunking of Evelyn and some of the staff by the participants could well evolve into an annual tradition. The highlight of the evening was the singing of the birthday song and the group’s photo session around the homemade anniversary cake.

Beyond the merry-making and the well-wishes, one thing that registered in the mind of the non-member writer of this article was the show of hands of those who signified that their lives were changed for the better because of MOA’s outdoor events. Introverts became more outgoing, acquaintances were formed, friendships continue to grow, and a good number of single participants bonded into eventual happily-wedded couples. Truly fulfilling for the organizers. What better way to celebrate a 4th year anniversary. One can just anticipate a grander festivity when MOA reaches its fifth year as much stronger adventure sports organizer.

Here adventurers who attended the Anniversary celebration have shared,

‘I have been with MOA for about 3 years, the journey begin with the stair climbing back then.


The MOA platform is the great place to meet with new people who may from different backgrounds, but we are all here because we want to have an adventure life/experience.


At the beginning, I rarely have a friend who have a common interest with me, it's hard to find a hiking buddy within my circle, but now, I met many friends which including a group of us who do meet-up, hike, and take photograph together. I also open my interest to other areas like kayaking and rock climbing, MOA provide a good beginner course and find us a nice training ground to make sure one do the thing right before we attempt the real challenge. I always find MOA staffs are very approachable and they are always willing to share their experiences.


Other than adventure trip/event, they also enable me to lead some of the trip or event, which bringing my interpersonal skill and other skill sets to the next level. Thank you for the opportunity! 


As of now, do continue to make and keep MOA shining out there. I am sure the rest for you will enjoy all the friendship, fun people with the adventurer sprite and every moment here’.— Wong Cho Ting, aged of 29.


‘Exploring with MOA has shown me how much one could accomplish if we are willing to take the first step. Whether I am embarking on my first adventure or seeking something out of my comfort zone, MOA has provided utmost dedication to my needs. With a multi-facet range of activities coupled with a divest group of fun-loving people, a family of closely knitted adventurers grows from firm roots. More importantly, it has shown me how younger generations might shape a healthy and holistic life with an adventurous mind-set. I am grateful thank you for all your kind efforts.’—Jeremy, aged of 41, father of two



More power to Evelyn and the MOA team! Cheers to the organizer’s enthusiastic and loyal participants!

Written by Fred & Audrie