We are a collective of adventurous spirits. We built a platform that aims to inspire you to live a life filled with passion, courage and fun. We specialize in a range of outdoor activities including rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, diving and more. Our dedicated team of adventurers will lead and guide you, as you explore life through the exciting world of outdoor adventure.

Our Journey

Outdoor adventure sports has always been a part of our founder's Evelyn's life, so much so that she started Ministry of Adventure (MOA) with the intention to help others transform their life for the better. After experiencing a harrowing accident during a dive trip, she is now on a mission, with the MOA team, to make adventure sports safe for everyone. Through this platform, she hopes people get to connect and bond with their friends, family, and loved ones. Her current mission is to bring down the barrier of adventure sports to give everyone a peace of mind while doing adventure sport and aspire to reach 10 million individuals to transform their life through adventure sports.

Meet the Team

Alone we can only do so little, but together we achieve so much. Our team is not the run-of-the-mill outdoor sports company or events organiser. We take you on an exciting adventure, helping you to reach places you've never thought possible, as well as inspiring you to do things you've never dreamt of. We bring you along on a journey of transformation, with you benefiting from it.